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With the nearly limitless options, customizing or restyling your ride may prove overwhelming. That's where we stand alone. We are able to give you a real time visualization of your vehicle, complete with your custom color or design. Offering you an experience that's as exciting as it is helpful. Due to the nature of these services an appointment is necessary...





Branding is more than a name on the side of a van. Today's wraps need to stand alone in a sea of plain... They need to leave an impression. While all wraps get noticed, only the effective ones are remembered. Our brand building experts will guide you down the path of real ROI.





Carry your brand indoors to create an atmosphere unlike any other. With brand aesthetic murals, or imaginative environments, we can transform your lobby, meeting room, office, or any other area in your residence, business, or event space. Nearly every single surface (even brick) can be wrapped. With experience in volumes of over 40,000 sqft at a time, we can handle it.





PureZone is the world's leader in germ fighting films and we are your leader in PureZone applications. Protect your customers and your staff. From your door handles to your point of sale counter, if you have a high contact surface, we can help safeguard it and everything in between.

custom, or commercial, be creative.

just a few of

our services:

With our industry tested and quality driven install team, you can rest assured that your project is getting the attention it deserves. With three professional certifications and 15 years of wrap experience, our love for what we do shows in every job we turn out. Whether you’re getting a hood wrapped on your project car or a 50′ mural on the side of your building, know you’re in great hands.

We’d love to talk to you about your project! As a matter of fact, we’d prefer it. But without an appointment, you’re not likely going to find us. We want to devote our undivided attention to each installation. That appointment ensures the folks in line before you are getting the same attention we will give our next client, you!

it's easy...

How It Works

Get in touch with us. Let us know what you’re looking to get accomplished. Email us with as many details as you can. If you want a quote on wrapping your personal car, the range could vary drastically depending on several factors. Let us know the color and condition of your paint, not just the make and model. Send pics of the actual item to be wrapped, whether its a vehicle or a wall, it helps to see what we are working with. 


Once we get some basic info, we can come up with an estimate, just a close ballpark. Once we get to this point, we can arrange an appointment to measure your vehicle, wall, floor, box truck, helicopter… you name it. That’s where the price goes from an “estimate” to a “quote” we will discuss options in materials used as well as any other factors that could raise or lower your initial estimate.


Now that we have figured out “what” you want and “where” you want it, it’s time to determine the “when.” We are typically about two weeks out for installations. Deposits are required to set install dates on all jobs. This ensures your job is locked into its timeslot. If a deposit has not been paid, you do not have an install date. This provides steady workflow, and accurate timing, eliminating unnecessary changes for other customers. 


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Why Choose a Certified Installer?


With certified installers come a wealth of knowledge. When your skills are backed by the biggest manufacturers in the industry, you can rest easy knowing the job is done right.


The technical specs and written course requirements are only the tip of the certification iceberg. The hands on portions ensure the proper methods are used for each type of film applied to provide a quality application every time.


We know how important your project is. That's why we choose to maintain a level of expertise that gives you an efficient and reliable outcome that you can count on.

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Tim Norman


Hard Knox Wrap Shop is a Veteran Owned and Operated business with 14 years in the vinyl wrap industry. I have been wrapping vehicles since before the solid colored wrap films were created. That seems like a long time (and it is). We've continued to stay at the forefront of this ever changing industry and have adapted to the many changes in the films as well as the techniques used to apply them. With a deeply ingrained passion for doing what's right, we have been able to carry our service-based ethics and morals to the civilian world, and it has proven most effective. We strive to offer an experience that's 2nd to none. "Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in ALL we do!"

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